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Technical requirements:

Stage dimensions: 16’ wide x 10’ deep (absolute minimum 13’ wide x 6’ deep).

Grounded & clean AC power (please no fluorescents or any lights or light dimmers on the same circuit), minimum 2 x grounded outlets on stage.

Satori will provide its own backline and does not need a PA for clubs and small venues.


-2 x SM58 or equivalent vocal / announcement mics & associated mic stands

-3 x Shure SM57 mics and 3 x small mic stands for guitar

-1 x mic & mic stand and 1 x DI for bass

-1 x kick mic, 1 x snare mic, 1 x hi hat mic, 3 x tom mics, 2 x overhead mics & associated mic stands for drums

-16 channels mixing board minimum.

-No sound engineer is provided by the band.


-3 x full range monitors (3 x floor or 2 floor & one side).


Laurent Brondel

(1) 207 674 2660


Chuck Thornton

(1) 207 388 3578

Laurent Brondel is a musician and luthier originating from Paris, France. He currently lives in Maine. Besides producing his own recordings for Skam Records, Tone Casualties and Statra he also engineered and produced records for Cuong Vu, Myra Melford, Geoffrey Oryema and other jazz / avant-garde / world musicians.

Chuck Thornton is a musician and luthier born in Maine. After living in different parts of the country and studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he came back to his native state and set-up shop here. He’s been playing bass for 32 years.

Cameron Lopez was born in California but has deep ties in Maine were he is currently residing. His unique sound is the blending of various styles making up his eclectic taste in music. He graduated from the University of Maine at Augusta Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in 2014

Instrumental rock & electric jazz

A mix of original compositions and interpretations of classics from Eric Johnson, David Grissom, Mahavishnu, Billy Cobham, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Stanley Clarke and more.

Laurent Brondel

Chuck Thornton

Cameron Lopez