Honeycaster prices

As of February 2014 base price for:

- single-cut /two pickups Honeycaster is $4,100

- offset / two pickups Honeycaster is $4,300

- double-cut / 3 pickups Honeycaster is $4,700

This includes:

- alder, swamp ash, mahogany or basswood body*

- 1-piece maple neck or 2-piece maple neck w/ rosewood fretboard*

- Gotoh, Hipshot and/or Wilkinson hardware*

- Ron Ellis pickups*

- Period referenced details

- Hiscox case*

* Contact me for available options & prices

What's a Honeycaster?

Honeycasters are interpretations of the great Fender® designs of the 1950's and 1960's. Or perhaps they are the Fenders® that never were!

For each guitar I set a specific period and every detail (peghead transition curve, neck profile, roundovers, belly and arm cuts etc.) is worked out to make a thoughtful, realistic and logical interpretation.

Honeycasters are available in single cutaway, double cutaway and offset body shapes, with one, two or three pickups.

Bodies & necks are made by me in my shop, out of the highest quality tonewoods. I apply the same standards of excellence and finish as with my acoustic instruments.

Any pickup(s) configuration, custom pickguard, electronics & hardware are possible. Neck profiles can be highly personalised. Scale is the traditioal 25.5" with a 12" radius for easy fretting and bending. Shorter 24" and 22.5", and different fretboard radiuses are possible.