Laurent Brondel "Smak 11" (Skam Records, 2003)

Laurent Brondel "Weld" (Tone Casualties, 2001)

Laurent Brondel "Parallel World" (Statra Recordings, 2001)


Cuong Vu "It's mostly residual" (Artistshare, 2005)

Myra Melford "Where the two worlds touch" (Arabesque, 2004)

Spundae presents "Cass Interpretations III" (Spundae/Mute, 2002)

Cuong Vu "Come Play With Me" (Knitting Factory, 2001)

Cuong Vu "Pure" (Knitting Factory, 2000)

Statra's "Paradigm Shift" (Statra Recordings, 2000)

Dominique Grimaldi "Close Up" (Tangram,1997)

Francis Lemarque "Paris" (FNAC, 1991)